10 Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for rustic wedding decoration ideas? If so then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have listed 10 rustic wedding decoration ideas  that you can have at your wedding that will help you accomplish a rustic style look. Here are 10 items that you should consider.

  1. Since mason jars are a bit bigger than vases, they can be used to hole more flowers of different types in the same jar making the place to look even more beautiful especially when they are placed on the middle of a table. They also give a country feel on the table.

  1. Wooden slabs are a good choice for usage as centerpieces to put your flowers on as they bring out the rustic flair. They are also able to save you some cash which you could have spent buying a slab for flowers, but instead you cut your own slabs which is a bit economical and allows designing of the slab in your own way.


  1. A Rustic wedding is unique in its own way, for example with the burlap it can be used to decorate so many things and make the wedding venue look elegant. The burlap can be used to run tables, bows for the back of the chairs and decorations around the jars/vase which brings out the characteristic of this wedding.

  1. The venue of a rustic wedding is wisely chosen be it indoor or outdoor and it’s mostly characterized with wooden features. This might be in form of a Barn or a ski lodge which has distinctive features that suits the rustic look.

  1. With the cowboy boots for the bride and groom or altogether with their bridesmaids, these boots matches with the theme of this wedding which is vintage making it look more fantastic and beautiful with the surrounding environment.

  1. Another great object your can have to accent the rustic theme are barrels that wine made it. Its wooden look goes with the rustic theme and you can use it to place things on which is very practical.


  1. A wedding with creativity and new ideas becomes unique in its own way, card holders are used to direct guests (like on which table to sit) or bring out that signature look. Cut up tree branches are awesome when used as place card holders as they tend to correspond with the rustic theme.

  1. A rustic style  wedding is incomplete without a tiered cake made out of  tree slabs. This type of slab can be created to suit the type of cake you want during your wedding, making it look more beautiful than ever. You can even use them for the sweet table or cupcake stand as well.

  1. Sometimes you can also use hay to get a country/rustic feel at your wedding. I know hay sounds strange, but when used properly it can look fantastic at a wedding.



  1. Having signs made out of wood with writing on it will add a nice touch to your wedding. You can have the sign say reception this way, love is sweet (have this over your dessert table) or anything you would like.


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