15 tips for Plus Size wedding dresses Canada

If you are looking for plus size wedding dresses Canada then this article will be perfect for you. Many bridal dresses are made of size six but some make a bigger size than that like size 14 which is a plus size wedding dress. A perfect wedding dress for your big day is one that fully fits you or gives you that extraordinary look during the wedding as it only happens once in a lifetime. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking like a queen on your special day! Let’s take a look at some of the tips to look out for when shopping for plus size wedding dress.

  • Setup your budget for the wedding dress

Plus size wedding dress consume more material, lace and beading making them to be slightly higher in price than the normal size dress. Set your budget for the dress to avoid buying what you didn’t intend to.

  • Be confident

The best dress for you is one that you feel comfortable in. When buying a dress, the consultant may try and sway you to like what they recommend to you but be firm and believe in the type of dress you love.

  • Make use of sales people

While shopping for a wedding dress, engage the sales people and ask them questions regarding different types of dresses as they are more experienced and they can let you choose the best.

  • Select figure flattering dress

For curvy brides, they can go for thicker fabrics like taffeta and satin as they bring out your shape in a beautiful way and conceal heavier areas. Select a dress that creates a streamlined silhouette of your body.

  • Wearing bigger size bridal gowns is wonderful

Wearing a dress that does not fit you well might be stressful and disturbing during the wedding. Most designers offer plus size dress which is 14 size or more but most of the bridal shops have the fitting sizes from 8 going upwards.

  • Shop in big stores for variety

The big chain stores for wedding gowns are the perfect places to find a great dress for your big day. Here you are offered with a variety of gowns and you can have a great shopping experience.

  • Identify perfect silhouette for your shape

Don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve got, if you’re curvy utilize on it and select a dress that suits your body style. Some designers offer a bespoke service for an extra charge to suit your body shape.

  • Put on sleeves and straps

Plus size wedding dress look amazing with straps and sleeves as they stress on and widen shoulders together with the arms.

  • Select the right skirt

With a plus size wedding dress, you should select a full skirt with an empire that will stretch your midsection and move away from your hips.



  • Select the right material for the dress

Wedding gowns have a variety of materials to choose from but stay away from beaded materials. A bride should select a material that flows with her body shape like taffeta, silk or satin

  • Enjoy and have fun

Moving from one shop to another and selecting the best dress is one way of having fun before landing on that hot and desired dress that you have been dreaming of.

  • Research on the wedding dress in advance

For you to get the best plus size wedding dress, you will have to do some homework and search over the internet for the best wedding dress before going to the bridal shop.

  • Don’t go for less but the best

On your wedding day, you definitely want to look beautiful and elegant by choosing the best dress. Nothing should make you go for less as this is your special day.

  • Select the best services

Find out from friends, family and reviews online on where to find the best plus size wedding dress with the best services.

  • Organize yourself and call in advance

Don’t hesitate to make enquiries by calling online and bridal shops after identifying your budget for the dress. This process helps you have a rough idea on what to get verses what you require.

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