Best Toronto Wedding Venues of 2016

If you are looking for the best Toronto wedding venues, then you are in the right place. We are going to spend the next couple of minutes covering them in detail so sit back and relax this is going to be lots of fun. While we have done our level best to provide you with some of the best Toronto wedding venues this list is by no means all-inclusive so with that in mind it is time to start the list of what we feel are the top 5 wedding venues in Toronto however this list is no specific order.

5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues

  1. The Art Gallery of Ontario located on Dundas Street is one of the most unique places to host a wedding. The exhibits at the art gallery is top tier so you and your guests are going to have a splendid time especially if you love art and open spaces. There is ample room in the dining hall which can accommodate 300 people so this venue will surely meet the needs of most prospective married couples. Since the AGO is in high demand the costs associated with reserving this venue can vary depending on the time of year so it would be wise the moment you have your wedding date set to contact the Art Gallery of Ontario and secure the booking. You can find out more about their venue rental here.
  2. Graydon Hall Manor on Graydon Drive is another great Toronto wedding venue, this mansion was owned by one family up until the late 60’s when it was opened to the public. The building has gone through extensive renovations 13 years ago. From the satin curtains this place just oozes style and glamor. While Graydon Hall may look like it is from another time with the large fountains and opulent chandeliers you will be happy to know you can rent it and all 8 stone fire places for rates that range from $1,000-$10,000 per day depending on the number of people you have for the reception. Catering is provided on site as well so you do not have many things to worry about but this venue is not for everyone.
  3. King Edward Hotel located on King St East is a truly regal place, if you want to have a glitzy wedding then you should add this hotel to your list of prospective Toronto wedding venues. The hotel can easily accommodate 500 guests for cocktails and if you want to have a sit-down meal then you will be happy to know the venue can handle up to 180 people which should be more than sufficient for the majority of people out there. Once you see the ballroom you will surely fall in love with this place just remember to be proactive and book fast or you could miss out on your desired wedding date.
  4. Old Mill & Spa on Old Mill Road is one of the most iconic wedding venues in all of Toronto. According to the most recent statistics over 600 couples get married here each and every year which is nearly an average of 1.5 weddings a day. Whether you are looking for a private wedding chapel or garden you will be amazed by the beauty of this place especially with all of the urban sprawl inside the city. Wedding packages including catering can go up to $140 per person so it is quite affordable. If you are interested in finding out more about this venue, visit there site at
  5. One King West situated on 1 King St. West is arguably the most amazing wedding venue in all of Toronto. What makes this location amazing s the vast marble structures but it is designed to promote an intimate setting which is ideal for weddings. The average wedding package here ranges from $46-$70 per person so it is budget friendly especially if you are looking for a regal setting.

During the course of this conversation we have touched on some of the best wedding venues in Toronto but we have not addressed some of the most fundamental questions that each and every couple needs to before they tie the proverbial knot.

Some Key Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Wedding in Toronto

The very first thing you and your partner have to do prior to looking at any venues is think about whether you want your wedding to be religious or contemporary? This is a key question since it will have a direct impact in the type of experience you can have. One of the best parts of this exercise is you and your partner will learn how to compromise while at the same time better understanding the individual preferences that each individual has. Once you have decided on what type of theme or style you want for your wedding then the next step is to clearly define the maximum budget you have available.

Understanding the Importance of Defining a Budget

Marriage is the joining of two people who want to spend their live together however this is also one of the most financially challenging times. Since everyone wants to have a great wedding there is a powerful temptation to go “overboard” with the venue and catering. This overspending has caused a significant number of couples to fall apart so it is something that must be taken seriously or individuals could find themselves in dire straits. Having a budget does not mean depriving yourself of a great time but it will motivate you to get the best possible value for your money. If you are tempted to borrow money to finance this wedding it may not be a wise decision. While it is once in a lifetime experience it would not be smart to put yourself in serious debt that could take months if not years to pay back in full so start saving early so you can start your marriage off with a clean slate and a happy heart.

Start Making a Guest List

Now that you have a budget in mind you will need to create a guest list, this is a key step that cannot be overlooked or it will have a negative impact on your experience. Make a list of everyone you would like to invite then revise based on who you think will actually show up for the wedding and who will not. If you are having the wedding reception catered, you will need a headcount so the caterer will know much food to prepare and how much to charge you. Since each person has their own unique preferences picking the right caterer will have a direct impact on the quality of the experience so it would be wise to start screening prospective caterers as soon as possible.

Once you have identified a list of prospective caterers you have to schedule face to face meetings with them. During this meeting you can inspect their facilities to make sure it is up to your expectations. Now that you are satisfied with the facilities you can sample the food to determine whether it tastes great and will meet your needs and those of your guest. Since this is highly subjective you will need to visit a few caterers before making any choices. When you have identified a couple caterers that seem suitable based on the quality and taste of their food then you will need to look at their individual track records to determine which of these caterers has a superior track record and which does not. This is not a step you should overlook or you could end up having a wedding and no food being served! While this may seem impossible it does happen so it would be in your best interest to do your due diligence well in advance of the anticipated wedding date.

The most important take-away you will have from this conversation is to be flexible. Nothing in this world is perfect and if you insist on having everything “just perfect” then you could be setting yourself up for serious disappointment. By giving yourself some margin of error you will be able to adapt to changing situations which should help you make the most of what is arguably the most important day in your life. By following these suggestions and giving yourself ample time to plan for the wedding you will be relaxed and calm on what should be a spectacular time when two families join together and become one unit.


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