Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Brides need a perfect dress for their wedding and this can be achieved by designing your own wedding dress online and giving out the specifications and details of your dream dress to the experts for the final output. Different brides have different body shapes and taste of style, hence, by designing your own wedding dress you are able to come up with a fascinating and beautiful dress that they love and well fits their body. If you take your time and outline every single detail that you want for a wedding dress, the design you come up with may just be amazing. Let’s take a look at the process of designing your wedding dress.

Steps of designing your own wedding dress

  • Do a thorough research and identify the styles and type of colour that most appeals to you. You can base the colour depending on the location or venue that your wedding is going to take place or by the theme of the wedding.
  • Find out from other brides on how they were able to design their own wedding dress so that they can give you more ideas to add on your dress design.
  • Before designing your dress, fit on as many dresses as possible in order to decide on which type of dress you want to design.
  • Select a fabric that you like and one that can easily match with the wedding environment. It’s good to choose an outstanding fabric like silk, linen or cotton that can easily reflect and glitter in broad day light or at night.
  • Since you are now well versed with what you require before designing, you can check out past designed wedding dresses and get other ideas from wedding magazines too.
  • You can start sketching your ideas down by putting in mind the different fabrics, textures and little details you require in your own wedding dress. Some people may not be good drawers but you can sketch something close to the dress you require as long as the details are well defined.
  • After designing your own wedding dress, you need to customize it but first try on dresses that are closest to your design and consult the dressmaker about the color and beadings. Take photos of your design and then customize the wedding dress by determining length of train, laces, the closure or hem-line. Also don’t forget to get the total budget that will cost you for the whole wedding dress.
  • Approach a dress maker and expound on your wedding dress designing ideas to them so that they can quote you a budget for your dress depending on the fabrics that you will use.


There are several tools for to help you design your own wedding dress online. But with one of the best tool;, this online wedding dress tool is amazing with wonderful features for DIY. The is an online tool with wonderful features that make it easy for you to design your dress, it has different necklines and silhouettes, a wide range of accessories, the virtual model which allows you design any wedding dress size and also you’re able to make the model’s skin tone different shades. With this tool, making your own wedding dress design is made easier.

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