Finding the Best Wedding Dress to Fit Your Figure

Before you were engaged you probably already thought about what you wanted your wedding dress to look like. Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most exciting and important elements of your wedding plans. There is no bride who would hate to look amazing on their wedding day. Below is a complete guide to help with everything you need to know, in finding the dress of your dreams.

Find a Wedding Dress that suits you

When thinking about the vision you want to create for your wedding day, start with the familiar. Think about what you normally wear, what you feel great in, your favorite colours, where the ceremony’s taking place and the style of wedding you are aiming for (traditional, avant-garde, relaxed or formal).

Choosing a Wedding Dress Colours that will suit your Complextion

From experience some colours can make you shine and others can make you look pale and pasty. All colours have either a cool or warm undertone. You can even find a warm white or a cool white, and one will suit you better than the other.

What should dictate the colour of the dress is your skin tone. Warm skin tones are complemented by rich cream and golden ivories or warm coloured fabrics. Cool skin tones work better with whites, blue based ivories or cool coloured fabrics.

You can tell if your skin colour is warm or cool since warm skin tones are usually defined by golden (yellow) or peach (orange) undertones, whereas cool tones have blue or pale pink undertones. Also another way is by tying back your hair and holding a piece of yellow fabric against your face. This will either make you glow or make you look pasty. You can double check the result by doing the same thing again with a blue fabric, which should have the opposite effect.

Or you could also consult an expert colourist who would assess your skin tone and advise you on fabric colours, hair colour and make up colouring to best suit you.

Once you know the colour of your dress then it’s time to find the right style and shape to suit your

Be mindful of your body shape

There are five common body shapes and below are some of the best styles of silhouette that suits them.


Brides with this shape have medium bust, short-medium waist, quite flat bottom and medium legs. Sometimes it is referred to as the apple. This silhouette is characterized by hips, waist and shoulders being of a similar width. A ball gown or a fitted bodice with an A-line skirt suit this body shape perfectly. A sash or ribbon tie at the waist is also very flattering. Detailing around the bust or the shoulders will enhance shape, differentiating more between bust and waist and giving a desirable, curving line from the shoulder through waist to hip to floor.


Brides with this shape have small bust, long waist, flat tummy, big hips and heavy legs. It is also called a pear or bell shape. The bride will have sleek and slender shoulders with a small chest that is unevenly matched by proportionally larger hips.

The bodice should be the focal point of the outfit, drawing attention up to the top of the dress and your slender torso. The bottom of the dress can be quite simple, skimming over the hips and making a long line to the floor. An A-line or ball gown skirt suits this shape perfectly.


Brides with this shape have broad shoulders, medium bust, no waist, slim hips, long, slim legs. It is also referred to as an inverted triangle. This shape will possess slender hips and proportionately broader shoulders.

A strapless corset bodice or a halter neck work very well for cone shapes.

Wide straps, a flattering V neckline and a princess line bodice will minimise very broad shoulders. A gown with a column profile, paired with a halter neck will elongate your shape and will minimise your shoulders very nicely. Queensland Brides > Finding the perfect wedding gown fit


Brides with this shape have shoulders the same width as their hips, long to medium waist, longer legs.

A lot of the same guidelines that apply to a square can also apply to the rectangle as the shape is very similar.

To create a very desirable vase shape silhouette, the rectangular body shape could choose a column profile gown and then feature detail and decoration at the top of the gown with a board neckline and sleeves or detail around the shoulders.

Hour Glass

Brides with this shape have big bust, small waist, short waist, big hips and generous thighs. The hourglass shape is synonymous with a classic film-star figure, where hips and bust help to pronounce a beautifully shaped waist line.

The hourglass is probably the easiest of all of the shapes to dress, as it is possible to tailor all styles to suit. To emphasize your figure, a dress with a bias cut profile or one that features a mermaid or fish-tail skirt will work wonders. Give focus to your proportionately small waist with a well-fitted bodice.


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