Hiring a Wedding Planner

Are you looking for a stress free wedding? Would you like to just relax and enjoy the day? If that is the case, then you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner can help make the event effortless yet making sure that everything will run smoothly like you want it. The thing is, most couple would not bother to hire one as they are afraid that it would cost them a fortune. Many would think that they would rather spend the money on something else than to pay for the wedding planner salary. However, in reality, not all couple has enough time to plan for a big event. This is why, it would be advisable to simply contact a reliable wedding planner.

The Wedding Planners Role

The role of the wedding planner is the organization and coordination of the event. This includes managing and making sure that the dream wedding of the clients will be provided on their special day. Often times, wedding planners are self-employed. The wedding planners responsibility usually includes:

  • helping to find and secure vendors and venues
  • help to guide the bride on when things should be completed
  • keep in contact with the venues to ensure they know their task/duty and where/when they need to be places on the wedding day.
  • They can help with décor ideas, seating plans, set up of the venue.
  • On the day of the event, they are a scheduler, they ensure everything is going on time and are there to assist if any problems arise.
  • They help to ensure that you do not need to lift a finger on the wedding day.

How Much Do Wedding Planners Cost

The cost depends on a couple factors, how long you need them, your location and seasonality of the wedding. Most brides and grooms usually hire a wedding planner just for the month of the wedding as that’s when a lot of the work comes together and needs to be done. Depending on where you are located, the cost will vary. Some cities have very few so the cost is higher while some have lots so they compete with prices often making them cheaper. Summer months tend to be busy for wedding so costs are higher where as in winter the costs are lower as their isn’t many.

Cost for the month of the wedding:

  • Vancouver, BC $1,500+
  • Edmonton, AB $800-1,500+
  • Red Deer, AB & surrounding areas  $600-1,000+
  • Calgary, AB $800-1,500+
  • Saskatoon, SK $600-1,000+
  • Regina, SK $600-1,000+
  • Winnipeg, MB $600-1,000+
  • Waterloo, ON $600-1,000+
  • Toronto, ON $800-1,500+
  • Niagara, ON $800-1,500+
  • Montreal, QC $800-1,500+
  • Moncton, NB $600-1,000+
  • Charlottetown, PE $600-1,000+
  • Halifax, NS $600-1,000+
  • St. John’s, NL $600-1,000+

Wedding planners are definitely not necessary and if you are try to keep your costs down, then you may choose not to have one. However if you are busy working or have other prior engagements and wont find a lot of time to plan the wedding then I highly suggest a wedding planner.

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