Once you have chosen the gown of your dreams, you will be either buying it off the rack or ordering it in, depending on the time frame. It usually takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months to order in a new gown. There are some advantages to ordering in a gown like ordering it in the perfect length and size for your figure. Upon ordering a deposit for half of the full gown price is required with the remainder to be paid upon the gowns arrival.

The general process when buying a gown is (updated June 7, 2007):

Alteration Steps:

For further information on alterations see the bottom of this page.

Renting Dresses

Every girl deserves the wedding dress of her dreams. If that seems a little out of reach, it isn't. Consider the benefits of a wedding gown rental. Who is going to know that you didn't keep that beautiful, stunning gown. We understand that you want a beautiful gown that fits your budget and your style. The process of renting a wedding gown is very similar to that of purchasing one. One of our bridal consultants will help you find the perfect dress and then we put it aside for your big day. The only difference between renting and buying your wedding dress is that stunning gown is returned a few days after the knot is tied.

See our rental agreement for more.

Renting Tuxedos

Let's not forget the men! We don't sell tuxedos, but we do rent them at a reasonable price through our supplier Syd Silver.

The general process when renting a tuxedo is (updated June 23, 2007):

See our Tuxedo Measuring page for a how to on measuring tuxes in the event that you can't come in to have us measure you.

Consignment Buying & Selling

If renting a gown is not an option for you, consider buying one of the beautiful gowns in our store that has already been cherished by another happy bride! Or if you cannot find the perfect gown that is in your price range, buy the one you want and sell it on consignment yourself once the wedding is over. Therefore having your wedding cake and eating it too.

See our consignment agreement for more.

Special Orders

The Tiffany Bridal stores offer a unique service for brides that have fallen in love with one of our gowns on our website. If we do not have the gown in either one of our two stores and you are absolutely in love with the gown, we will bring it in with no strings attached.


If your beautiful gown needs a little nip or tuck here or there, book an alterations appointment on Wednesday or Thursday with one of our seamstresses. They will be happy to help you get that perfect fit.

Over the years our seamstresses have enjoyed the challenge of contemporizing vintage gowns and family heirlooms to suit our brides' dreams of wearing something from the past. We offer one on one consultations as well as design meetings to discover the potential of any gown.

See our alteration price charts for what we charge.