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General Care

Basic Care


bullet Care Point

This basic care keeps the skin clear as it boosts blood circulation and balances skin to make it sturdy.

bullet Target Skin Type

  • bullet All types of skins
  • bullet Dull and non-shiny skin
  • bullet Bad makeup skin
  • bullet Dry and loose skin
  • bullet Skins that forms caustic wrinkles



Immune Care


bullet Care Point

Sensitive skin is more delicate than normal skin tissue and is highly sensitive to external environmental factors. Some may indicate that it makes skin healthy as it is intended to.

bullet Target Skin

Red skin, telangiectasia skin, sensitive skin, skin allergies, atopic skin

bullet Effect of Care

Red skin calm, reduce expanded capillaries, soothing moisturized skin

Detoxification Care



bullet Care Point

  • bullet More than 90 percent of all skin problems are caused by free radicals.
  • bullet Detoxification care exercises methods that remove the cause of skin problems and free radicals. It is also the first step for all skin care.
  • bullet After the first removal of the causes of skin problems, skin care programs that cater to each skin type can be assessed for the best effects.
  • bullet Detoxification care of modern lifestyle plus various problems caused by negative therapy is the best program that cures this problem.

bullet Effect of Care

Purify the complexion, remove edema, whiten

bullet Time

1 hour