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bullet Exfoliate

It removes dead skin cell and exfoliate using enzyme or a script, or peeling in accordance types of skins.

bullet Shrink pores

First .. LumiFacial is light in a layer of skin epidermis and hair follicles to eliminate Demodex that live to play to help collagen formation in the skin pores making elastic skin.

Second .. by LumiLift once more is to put energy into the skin tissue resulting in skin reconstruction.
Third ... LumiFacial makes wrinkles to the young skin.

bullet Effects of the care in our shop

  • bullet Facial care – provide moisture and nutrition
  • bullet Facial cosmetic acupressure care—moisture, nutrition, blood circulation
  • bullet SOLI-TONE Care—It sterilize bacteria that live in the epidermis and hair follicles floor and gives moisture, nutrition (acne, telangiectasia, Sensitive Skin)