Superhero Compression Shirts for Fun Groomsmen Photos

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the latest trend in wedding ideas. While you would think every concept known to man (or woman) has been used, there is still a fabulous one rising from the shadows. Grab your man and all his groomsmen for their moment in the limelight as ‘superheroes’.

The hottest weddings are hiding something underneath those man tuxes’.  They are called superhero compression shirts, and they are living up to their name.  If you want to up your wedding to the next level, these tight-fitting, toning, and muscle defining shirts are the golden ticket; especially if your groom has taken on the legend of Superman.

Superhero Compression Shirts

For the coolest wedding photos, have your groomsmen and groom pick out a unique superhero compression shirt and wear them under the tuxedos. When it is time for the photos, they can rip their shirts open to reveal each one’s special superhero. This makes for unforgettable wedding day photos. The concept seems to be highly revered by the men folk as well.

Women can be superheroes’ as these trendy shirts are available in women’s sizes and with an abundance of different emblems.  If you want to go all out for a novel and entertaining wedding, try making the theme of your wedding about comic book heroes. Pinterest offers a gigantic well of ideas for pulling off a fun, and non-traditional memorable wedding, especially with this newest trend. You will find everything from the compression shirt collections to cakes to boutonnieres, all in true superhero styles.

Yet, there is a hidden benefit here which might even help you make up your mind easier.  It seems bridesmaid dresses get worn once and then hung promptly in the closet. What you will quickly discover about adding the comic book novelty to your wedding photos is…that shirt is probably going to become his favorite new shirt to wear.

Why? Because not only are they the latest thing for weddings photo ops, they are also popular mainstream fashion and in any activity such as sports or gyms. In case you haven’t noticed these shirts look hot on a man, and that is supposed to happen with compression clothing. It has a way of toning, tucking and redefining the body.

The companies who deliver these compression products are making it quite difficult to ignore all the benefits of functional clothing.  They also look fabulous on women instantly. On top of that, the competition has these companies scrambling to add new technologies and innovative patents on compression clothing, such as moisture-wicking and sun protection. If you are not familiar with the benefits of this type of clothing or what is available, you can learn more about it here.

Wear the beautiful-one-of-kind gown, choose elaborate colors, and have the luscious five layer wedding cake, but don’t forget to turn the day and night up with all those superheroes hiding quietly and patiently underneath their perfectly pressed tuxedos.

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