Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men

Tungsten wedding bands for men are one of the best wedding band you can get as they are very strong and durable enabling them to last for a long period of time. Tungsten is a metallic chemical element identified with symbol “W” on the periodic table of elements with an atomic number of 74. Tungsten is also drawn out of minerals such as wolframite and scheelite. With its properties, tungsten is an ideal metal to craft beautiful rings. Below are some of the cheap Tungsten rings for groom’s wedding band.

  • CleverEve Tungsten Nation 6.0mm Tungsten Ring engagement classic brushed and polished 41JmEB10nsL._SL160_Tungsten wedding band – these bands are of a high quality, well designed and are very durable. They are also rated next to diamonds on the Moh scale and their price is a bit favorable as they cost around $49.88. The bands are available in different sizes from 5 to 14.


  • CleverEve Tungsten nation 8mm men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring w/ 4mm carbon fiber center 41dXqAoDusL._SL160_inlaid tungsten wedding band – like any other cleverEve band, the band is has outstanding quality jewelry at a very good price of $45.88. There are a variety of sizes to choose from between 8 to 13 with a nice carbon fiber inlaid in the centre which makes it ideal for men. Buy it now.


  • CleverEve Tungsten nation 8mm Tungsten Diamond Ring w/ black carbon fiber inlay & one .05 41KNzGGEE6L._SL160_carat diamond center tungsten wedding band – this band is beautifully made with tungsten diamond with a black carbon inlay and genuine one 0.5 carat diamond center stone. It has a good price of $168.88 and it has different sizes ranging from 6 to 14. Tungsten being a strong metal, the band is scratch resistant and flawless making them good enough for the wedding band.


  • CleverEve 2014 Tungsten nation 8mm Tungsten domed ring w/ 3mm polished and 41YZ5a4H1yL._SL160_carved sterling inlaid wedding band – this wedding band is available in different sizes (6 to 13) and has an elegant super silver that is carved in the center inlay of the band. It cost around $79.88 and it is good for a groom who loves silver. Buy it here.


  • CleverEve Tungsten nation 8mm men’s tungsten domed ring high polished classic tungsten 41o-Itt6pCL._SL160_wedding band – if you’re looking for comfort and elegance of a wedding band, then this is the right choice for you. Not only does it have a domed shape but also with a high polished classic. It costs around $45.88 which is a favorable price compared to other wedding bands. Difference sizes are available ranging from 8 to 13.


  • CleverEve 2014 Tungsten nation 8mm tungsten diamond ring brushed and polished w/ 3 41yt49s50aL._SL160_genuine .03 carat diamond and 4 grooves Tungsten Wedding Band – some rings are brilliant and sterling to look at. With this wedding band you will definitely look brilliant as it has a diamond ring brushed and polished with a 3 genuine .03 carat diamond and four grooves of tungsten that brings out this outstanding look. The band costs around 158.88 which is a bit cheaper compared to its elegance and outstanding appearance. Its sizes range from 7 to 13.


  • CleverEve Tungsten nation 8mm men’s tungsten ring beveled edge brushed center tungsten41yt49s50aL._SL160_ wedding band – some people might just want to keep it simple by purchasing a round ring. This wedding band has a beveled edge brushed center and it only costs $49.88 with its sizes ranging from 8 to 13. CleverEe wedding bands are beautiful and elegant to wear for grooms as they look outstanding but can also be obtained at a fair price.


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