Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dresses

Many women find that the wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding ceremony, even more so than the ring or the vows exchanged. This leads quite a few brides to obsess over picking the perfect wedding dress that will pronounce their figure in the best way possible, all the while hiding any potential flaws that might be present.

Indeed, a beautiful wedding dress is considered to be an integral part of every wedding ceremony, and each bride should place careful thought into what she’d like wearing most on the big day. However, there is a seemingly overwhelming amount of styles and fabric types to choose from, and choosing the right dress can be a tedious process, especially for perfectionists.

Choosing the right style for your body and overall preference

A wedding dress, more than any other piece of clothing, should be made to bring out the best version of you, as it will be worn on what might end up being the most important day of your life. When you are wearing your wedding gown, you’ll want to feel as comfortable and as beautiful as possible in order to radiate energy and joy.

To start things off, we will describe some of the most popular types of wedding gowns and how well they work for different body types. When choosing, try to find a balance between a wedding dress that looks good on you and one that you find to be most appropriate and of a dazzling design. Many of the wedding dress groups revolve around the upper part of the gown and its features, although some also refer to other areas of the dress.

  • A sleeveless wedding dress, like its name might imply, has no sleeves or only has those that don’t go past the shoulder. Knowing whether you should go for this dress depends on the appearance of your upper arms, as they will be exposed and, in fact, one of the few parts of the body not covered by the dress.

If you believe that your upper arms are toned and aesthetic enough or, at the very least, not holding too much extra tissue, this is definitely an good type of dress that can let others know you take care of your body. If, however, you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your upper arms, you might want to go for a wedding dress with elbow-length sleeves.


  • A long-sleeve wedding dress features sleeves that go all the way to your wrists. This is the most traditional form of wedding gown, and the sleeves themselves can vary significantly – they are usually either lace or transparent, but combinations are also available. A dress with long sleeves is usually chosen by women who love the look of old wedding gowns, and often work best with lavish ceremonies, especially those happening inside a church.


  • A strapless wedding dress is one without straps over the bride’s shoulders. These straps are there both for aesthetic and functional purposes: they add a certain level of comfort by making the bride feel less exposed but also prevent the dress from potentially sliding down constantly.

Some women find that strapless wedding gowns don’t allow enough modesty, while others believe they add a nice modern touch to an old ceremony. Before opting for a wedding dress without straps, make sure to try walking around in it to make sure it’s not falling off your body – if it is and a smaller number is too tight in other places, you might have to go for a differeng down altogether.


  • Similar to a strapped wedding dress, a halter gown replaces the shoulder straps and instead has a piece of fabric cover he bride’s chest and neck. The fabric is usually transparent sheer, but can also be mostly lace or some combination of both. Choosing this type of dress is mostly a matter of visual preference, and some brides also report that the halter made them feel more comfortable and less exposed when compared to a strapless or even a strapped gown.


  • A mermaid wedding gown features a distinct mermaid-esque lower body look, like its name suggests. Tight around the thighs and loose from the knees onwards, this design is a distinct and beautiful one, but it won’t suit every bride, as some prefer their wedding dresses to start expanding from the waist. Certain models of mermaid wedding dresses can also limit movement to an extent, meaning that walking in them could take some getting used to. These dresses are also less forgiving in terms of how much of your figure will be on display, as only a small part of the dress will usually be loose.

  • A sweetheart wedding dress is one that has a heart-shaped bust edge as opposed to a V-neck. This is also a choice that is mostly based on preference, although it’s worth to note that a V-neck might reveal more bosom than a sweetheart finish.


You can easily find a wedding dress that has any combination of the above features, given enough searching. Don’t be afraid to do away with any styles, patterns or materials you aren’t completely sold on – it’s your big day, and they don’t say it should be perfect for no reason.


What wedding dress style can you pull off?

Of course, every bride should wear a wedding dress that she finds most enchanting and appropriate for the event, but the limitations of a person’s body often play a big role in the dress choice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pick a wedding dress regardless of your body type, but you will look that much better in one that pronounces your best features and hides any perceived flaws.

Brides with slimmer figures should absolutely go for dresses that will reflect that. Without much trouble, you can find a wedding dress that showcases your slender physique while also having an extravagant, loose finish. If you’d like a more traditional wedding dress as opposed to one with a heavy mermaid design, you can compensate by choosing a sleeveless model, and perhaps one without a halter.

Wedding dresses come in a wide variety of sizes so that every bride can feel comfortable wearing one. However, this means that you must be completely straightforward with your measurements when buying or ordering a dress – being completely honest will prevent you from being uncomfortable in a dress that is too small.

Wedding gowns are usually designed after a measurement of bust, hips and waist is done. This allows for the best fit possible regardless of body type, and makes for a piece of clothing that the bride can wear for hours on end without feeling encumbered. When taking your measurement, make sure to measure the fullest part of the hips(bottom and thighs), the natural waist(just above the belly button) and your bust with your aims raised. This will create the measurements for a perfect gown for your size.

Many brides are concerned with whether plus size wedding dresses are available, and also whether they will be able to find one that is appealing to them. Fortunately, the industry fully caters to brides carrying a little extra weight, and plus size wedding dresses are not only widely available but oftentimes just as visually appealing as standard-sized ones.

If you have found the perfect dress but feel it might need just a little bit of retouching, don’t be afraid to have alterations done to it. This, however, comes with a few warnings. Wedding gown alterations can be done for both aesthetic and comfort purposes, but make sure not to go overboard and lose the original design of the dress. They are most often done to create a true perfect fit for a bride. When getting alterations, make sure that the tailor is a highly-skilled one(preferably one with experience doing exactly this type of work) in order to prevent any unwanted changes. Also, be mindful of the price – alterations should only cost a small part of what the price of the dress was. In general, you should definitely avoid paying more than 20 percent of the gown’s price for the alterations, but even that can be too much in certain cases.


Shopping for the perfect wedding dress

You might know the size and style of the dress you like, but you still have a long way to go. Shopping for wedding dresses can be a tedious process without knowing where to look for, which is why many brides nowadays opt to order a dress online instead of visiting multiple shops and trying out different dresses.

Buying in a store certainly has many pros over online shopping. The most important one is that you won’t end up with a dress that doesn’t fit your body comfortably, which would force you to perform alterations that can be costly. Another big factor is knowing how the dress looks on you – you might like the dress, but you can’t know whether it’s a good fit for you until you have tried it on.

Before going to stores, make sure to do all the necessary research online to find out which wedding dresses are considered the most fashionable, and also to know the many different types out there. Even if you visit multiple stores, without online research, you might miss out on some dress styles that you’d very much like.

When going to the store, look to bring someone whose opinion you value along. Generally, this should be one or more of your female friends, all of whom you are sure have your interest in mind. Their opinion might prove to be a valuable resource, but never let them decide for you. Also, don’t be afraid to say you don’t like a dress for whichever reason – it’s your day, and you should have the dress that you find flawless.

While the salesperson in these stores will definitely want to sell their product, don’t hesitate to consult them in regards to anything involving wedding gowns. They have their job for a reason: usually, they will be very knowledgeable about the different types of fabric and styles and how they all fit different bodies. They might even help you decide on a dress objectively.

Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to try even those wedding dresses that you don’t think you’d go for. More than one bride tried out a wedding gown she found to be „out there“ and ended up buying it after realizing it’s a perfect fit. This also goes for brides who might need a plus size dress: far too often, brides whose bodies are crossing into the area of plus size wedding dresses are unwilling to try those on because of their label. This is not only silly, but might also prevent you from wearing a comfortable dress that you’d look good in.


Online Wedding dress shopping and budget management

The reasons why you’d want to buy a dress online can vary, from wanting to reduce the hassle to wanting to save up some money. Some brides simply feel that going to stores and trying out dresses is too much for them, and will instead want to reduce their bother by purchasing a dress online. This tends to work best for women with more traditional bodily measurements, as they run a lesser risk of ordering a dress that doesn’t fit them well.

Another reason to buy a dress online is the fact that, oftentimes ,online dresses can be much cheaper than those in wedding dress stores. It’s true that wedding gowns can sometimes cost several thousands of dollars depending on their designer and the materials used, and many wedding stores will only sell gowns that, while not quite as pricey, are still too expensive for quite a few brides. If buying a wedding dress online, make sure to do so from a shop that accepts returns in case the size doesn’t fit you perfectly.

You shouldn’t let the wedding dress make too big of a dent in your budget, considering you probably have quite a few more other wedding expenses to cover. However, there’s much to be said about commemorating a special event sufficiently: if you get a wedding dress that’s too cheap, you stand a good chance of regretting it. Even more so than men, women find the day of the wedding incredibly important, and remember it clearly for years or decades to come. Therefore, do your best to wear a wedding dress that’s just extravagant enough to make you feel like you are special.

Our wedding is certainly one of the biggest moments in our lives, and we should do our best to make the day as notable as possible. What we wear during this landmark is, without a doubt, hugely important. While men only need to worry about slightly different types of suits, women have an astounding variety of choices that can confuse many.

Because of this, every bride should remember to have fun while picking her wedding dress, and also to take as much time as needed. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, rush you into picking a dress you might not be completely in agreement with. Once you go over those wedding pictures, you’ll be glad you took your time to choose the perfect attire.

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