Wedding Planner Salary and Job Details

Are you interested in being a wedding planner but not sure how much they make or what they do?  A wedding planning salary is never consistent, it depends on the time of year, the amount of clients, how big the project (wedding) is and your reputation.

What do they Wedding Planners Do?

Wedding planners have a very detail oriented job. Depending on what there tasks are they will either be with the client for the whole wedding planning process or in most cases are just with the client for the month of the wedding to help with all the last minute details. The day of the wedding is when the wedding planner has a chance to shine. This is where you would make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Here are a few things you may do on the wedding day:

  • Ensure the bride and groom have their flowers
  • Flowers are delivered and placed on the correct tables at the reception and the ceremony.
  • Ensure the minister, DJ (or band), bridesmaids, grooms men, bride, grooms, parents of the bride and groom, caterer and bartenders are where they need to be and the task that they need to do.
  • Make sure speeches are on schedule and dinner and dessert are served on time.

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The Wedding Planner Salary

Wedding planners are usually self-employed. It is very rare that the planner is associated with a company. Considering that, most planners earn based on commissions as opposed to a fixed monthly income.

It is definitely hard to make exact calculations as to the amount that a self employed individual such as the wedding planner to compute. As per some researches and study made, about $45000 on the average is the wedding planner salary. The figure acquired is only an estimate amount in general. It is likely that these individuals can make more than $75000 each year or more. In line with that, it can also be possible for wedding planners to only earn less than $20,000 each year. Hence, their salary is a case to case basis.

The figures that the wedding planners make can differ depending on the markets where they worked for. There is also a definite charging method of such professionals. For an entire service to plan a wedding that consist of consultation, planning and coordination of the event as well as management, they can charge 10% to 20% of the entire cost of the wedding. Read more at—Do-Wedding-Planners-Work?&id=975961

Different factors that may impact the salary

The two major factors that can have an effect on the salary of the wedding planner would be their experience and reputation that they hold. If the wedding planner is known in the area, he or she naturally asked for higher rates. The educational background is not a huge factor since anyone who can successfully plan an event can be a wedding planner so long as he has a track record to prove. A professional and experienced wedding planner has connections. These connections are with the food caterers, photographers, decorators, florists and others. Since they have established connections with the supplies needed for the event, they can get the best rates from them and can also offer exactly what their clients are looking for. Since the wedding planners knew where or who to contact for an event, it can also increase their salary.

Tips on being a Wedding Planner

A big tip for being a wedding planner is to establish a big client list. You will only get jobs if people know about you. The best way to get jobs is word of mouth. If you do one wedding and it went smoothly, chances are the bride and groom will recommend you to their friends and that could lead into more jobs. One of the best ways to get yourself established if you are new is to get yourself on the internet. Lots of people in today’s age go on the computer to try and find services. Create a website that has your costs, pictures, a description about yourself. For starting price on your service look around and see what other wedding planners are charging and set yourself way lower then that. This will help to get your first job. Another tactic you can use is to go to different wedding vendors and introduce yourself and market yourself to them. If they are established and do weddings they could always recommend you to their clients.

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