What Colour Of Wedding Dresses Are There?

Wedding gowns are some of the most important items for a wedding. However, for most brides, they aren’t too sure what colour schemes they should stick with. It can in fact be a little difficult to know which colour you should stick with because there are so many. You can think one will look great on you but you soon find out that is far from the truth. So, what colour of wedding dresses are there and which should you consider?

Classic White

This must be one of the widely used colour schemes in the world for brides but it’s really the traditional one. If you love to go for the traditional route then white will be the colour choice for you. However, there are different shades of white, from cream, ivory to pure white so there is a large choice. White wedding dresses have to be some of the most popular options and for good reasons too.

Blood Red

Red is the colour of love so it’s appropriate to choose a red wedding dress. Though, red isn’t one of the widely used colours of wedding dresses but if you want to create an element of passion then this is the colour for you. Warm and blood reds are quite powerful but wedding gowns which are red are really impressive and sweet.


Deep golden shades can be absolutely fantastic for any dress but for wedding, they can be a bit risky. However, if you get a gold wedding dress that stands out, you can enjoy your big day. Remember, you’re the bride and as such, your wedding dresses should look lovely on you and not just on the shelf! Though, using jewellery and accessories need to match but subtly so you aren’t too golden!

Greens and Blues

Wedding gowns come in all sorts of colours and a popular choice today is green and blue. Now, combinations of these have become very popular of late because it brings out a sombre but loving mood to the proceedings. However, if you don’t get the combination correctly, then it won’t look good. Though, nice pale shades of green and blue work. You must remember not to go overboard with your colour combination with your wedding gowns. Read more: www.tiffanybridal.ca

Other Colours to Consider

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Silver

There are tones of colours out there to choose from but the above are some of the most popular options to consider for wedding dresses. Of course, you can choose almost any colour for your wedding dress but you have to be a bit smart. For instance, you don’t want to wear black or grey because they aren’t very light-hearted colours. They are reserved for sad occasions so you may want to stick with creamy pinks or purples even if you aren’t going for the traditional route.

Will Colour Will You Choose?

If you are planning your big day, you need to know what colours work best on you. So, the best thing for you to try is lots and lots of dresses with a variety of colour schemes. Really, this is one of the best methods to find the right colours for your wedding dress. You never know what colour schemes you are going to enjoy; you might even enjoy bright yellow for your wedding dresses!

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